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ZB Series Vacuum Harrow Dryer

Our ZB Series Vacuum Harrow Dryer features large heating area,and high heating efficient. Professional Fluid Bed Dryer welcome inquiry!
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■ The following raw materials in the field of pharmaceutical industry,  foodstuff industy, chemical industry and so on can be dried.


■ Suitable for pulpiness, paste and powder raw materials.


■ Heat sensitive raw materials which need to be dried at low temperature.


■ Raw materials that are easy to oxidize, explode, have strong irritative and toxic.


■ Raw materials that need to recover solvent.




■ Large heating area,and high heating efficient by design heating by both jacket and blending shaft.


■ Blending shaft can rotate reversed. So incideof chamber pulpiness, paste-like mixture or powder raw materials can be uniformly dried.


■ Rotating direction of blending shaft is reversible, so during operation, raw material is continnously cycle in drying chamer.




Item Model
Name unit ZB-500 ZB-750 ZB-1000 ZB-1500 ZB-2000 ZB-3000
Working volume L 300 450 600 900 1200 1800
Heating area m2 6 7.6 9.3 12.3 14.6 19.3
Stirring revolution rpm 6~30stepless variable
Power kw 4 5.5 5.5 7.5 11 15
Design pressure of jacket MPa ≤0.3
Pressure in the cylinder MPa -0.1~ 0.15


■ Remark:
the evaporated quantity of moisture is related to the characteristics of raw materials and the temperature of air in and air out. With renew products unceasingly, the related parameter will be exchanged, it does not announce in advance, pardon!


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