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YK-160 Swaying Granulator

Our YK-160 Swaying Granulator is suitable for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical, solid drink and so on industries. It can crush the blocked raw materials into small granule. Professional Granulator Supplier welcome inquiry!
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■ The machine is suitable for pharmaceutical,  foodstuff, chemical, solid drink and  so  on  industries.  It can crush the blocked raw materials into small granule.




■ This machine is special equipment. Under the action of clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of roller, damp powder mixture will be forced to pass through sieve and then become granule. Model C is heavy type and suitable for raw materials having sticky viscosity.

■ The machine is one kind the moist powder mixture. On the the drum by turns, under the counter revolution function, compulsory makes the pellet through the strainer the special purpose equipment. C suits the viscosity big material for the aggravation. This type makes the pellet for the pellet which irregular also easy to proliferate. May big type production according to the output request necessary.



Model Model A, B Model C
Capacity(kg/h) 100~200 150~300
Power of mot(kw) 2.2 3
Revolution of motor(r/min) 65 65
Sway angle(°) 360 360
Diameter of roller(mm) Ø160 Ø160
Weight(kg) ~300 450
Overal dimension(mm) 1150x680x1150 1260x750x1150


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