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XSG Series Spin Flash Dryer

Our XSG Series Spin Flash Dryer features fast speed, high quality, and raw material is well processed. Professional Fluid Bed Dryer welcome inquiry!
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Scope of Application

■ Organic compounds: Fenatrol(insecticide ofagrochemicals), cadmium laurate, benzoic acid, germicide, sodium oxalate, cellulose acetate.

■ Dyestuff: Anthraquinone, black ferric oxide, indigo blue pigment, butyric acid titanium hydroxide, zinc sulfuration, all kinds of intermediate of azo dry-stuff.

■ Inorganic compounds: Borax, calcium carbonate, hydroxide, copper sulphide, ferric oxide, barium carbonate, antimony trioxide, all kinds of metallic hydroxide, kinds of heavy metallic salt, synthetic cryolite.

■ Foodstuff: soya protein, agglomerative starch, lees, triticin, wheat starch.



■ Hot air from machine bottom with suitable atomizing speed enter into the stirring and crushing room, it process raw material by cutting, shearing, blowing, floating and rotating. Then raw material is granulated through centrifugating, shearing, impacting and friction effect. This strengthens the process of heat exchange and water evaporation.

■ Materials enters into the drier through the screwing feeding ostium, under the powerful high speed effect of stirring, materials are distributed by the function of striking, friction, shearing and cutting, raw materials are instantly smashed and fully contact with hot air, they are heated and dried, the dried powder material will be raised with the hot-air flow, small particles are discharged from the ring center and collected by cyclone segregator, the rest of materials are kept by graded ring and processed by centrifugal action, throw forward to the inside wall; then, drop to bottom, smashed and dried again.

■ Because gas and solid are rotated together, inertia of solid is bigger than gas and the relative velocity between solid and gas is great, this strengthens the process of heating exchange. Therefore, this machine has strong drying capacity.


■ Raw material is processed by cutting, shearing, blowing, floating and rotating, then become granulated shape and separated greatly, the relative velocity between solid and gas is great, this strengthens the process of heating exchange. Therefore, this machine has strong drying capacity.

■ Drying gas enters into the bottom of machine and formed strong rotating airflow, it can wash material sticking on the inside wall, this can remove adhibited material and always keeps inside wall clean.

■ In high temperature area at the bottom of equipment, heat sensitive raw material do not need directly contact with heating surface, there is a special device which can solves heat sensitivity material’s carbonized and color change problems.

■ Gas speed around the drying chamber is high, raw material staying time is short, equipment size is small, large output, high efficiency and quick speed.

■ A segmenting ring and a rotational flow piece are equipped in the upper drying room in order to control granulated size and  finished products moisture to satisfy required water containing rate and granulation.

 Skech of Structure

XSG series Spin Flash Dryer



Model Barrel Main machine dimensions Blonding machine Treatment Water evaporation Floor space
diameter(mm) (mm) Power(kw) wind capacity (m3/h)


XSG-2 200 250 × 2800 2.2 350~600 10~20 15
XSG-3 300 400 × 3300 3 800~1300 20~50 15
XSG-4 400 500 × 3500 5.5 1400~2300 25~70 20
XSG-5 500 600 × 4000 5.5 2100~3600 30~100 25
XSG-6 600 700 × 4200 5.5 3000~5100 40~200 28
XSG-8 800 900 × 4600 7.5 5500~9000 60~600 25
XSG-10 1000 1100 × 5000 11 8500~14000 100~1000 55
XSG-12 1200 1300 × 5200 15 12200~20000 150~1300 75
XSG-14 1400 1500 × 5400 18.5 17000~27700 200~1600 85
XSG-16 1600 1700 × 6000 22 22000~36000 250~2000 100


■ Remark:

 1.The evaporated amount of moisture is calculated according to the temperature of inlet is 180°C and the temperature of oulet is 80°C.
 2.Besides the models above mentioned,specification can also made as request.
 3.Blending motor power of above equipment is standard specified,but shuld special designed according to material feature.



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