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RLY Series Oil Fuel Hot Air Furnace

Our RLY Series Oil Fuel Hot Air Furnace is mainly used in heating and removing damp. It features convenient operation and low labor cost.
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■ Our company’s RLY series oil fuel hot air furnace is a  highly efficient equipment which  combines burning  and  heat ing  exchange  two  funct ions together. Heating efficiency can reach to 65-75%,the output  temperature  of hot air  can  be  300°C,  for special  designed  furnace,  i t  can  reach  to  500-800°C,  smoke and air are separated,  therefore, when heat exchanged, inside of burner is clean hot air;  this machine  can be  totally applied with other drying equipments together.


■ When  the  fuel  is burned  in  firebox,high  temperature smoke gas  is produced.  Those smoke gas  is sent byhot air  furnace which has  strong  exchange heatingfunction to dried air. After quantity of heat is emanated,hot  fueling  gas  temperature  is  decreased  to 250°C and  those gas are  exhausted by  fan. Fresh air  issent  to hot air  furnace by selected blow  fan machine.After absorbed heating energy, when air  temperature reaches to specific degree, it is sent to outlet of hot air,while hot air temperature meet the highest limited point,the  burner will  stop  burning automatically or  turn  to small fire burning, when hot air temperature decreases to  the  lowest preseted  degree, burner  start  running again, the speed of heating can be adjusted by air inlet valve.

Scope of Application

■ This  equipment main  function are  heating  and removing damp.  It  is widely applied  in agricultural, medical and chemical industry, such as grain, seeds, feedstuff,  fruits,  dehydrated  vegetable, mushroom, agaric, white  fungus,  tea,  tobacco  leaf,  foodstuff, medicines, chemical raw materials.


■ Convenient operation and low labor cost. Structure compact and small occupied area. dvanced burning machine, fuel can be fully consumed no environment pollution.

Skech of Structure

RLY Series Oil Fuel Hot Air Furnace



Model combustion device type oil combustion (kg/h) heat supply capacity 4 (x10 kcal/h) overall dimension LxWxH(mm) hot air hole LxW (mm) total weight (kg)
RLY1 QYC5 1.3~1.6 1 1000x1000x1600 Ø200 750
RLY4 QYC5 5~6.5 4 1700x1000x1600 140x160 1100
RLY10 Y1 13~16 10 2100x1300x1600 180x200 1970
RLY20 YL3 26~32 20 2800x1400x1700 200x250 2260
RLY30 YL3 39~48 30 3400x1500x1800 250x300 3160
RLY40 YL3 52~64 40 4020x1700x1900 300x400 4750
RLY60 YL7 78~96 60 4800x1900x2100 400x500 5650
RLY100 YL8 130~160 100 5400x2100x2300 550x650 6550
RLY200 YB10 260~320 200 6000x2500x2400 750x900 7980
RLY360 YB11 468~720 360 7200x2900x2600 900x1200 9860


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