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KJG Series Hollow Paddle Dryer

Our KJG Series Hollow Paddle Dryer features big heat transfer area, compart constraction and less installing area, low energy consumption, easily clean, stable operating continuously, low labor and maintenance expense. Professional Fluid Bed Dryer welcome inquiry
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■ Hollow Paddle Drier can indirectly heat or cool the paste, granules and powder or slurry materials. It is a combined unit for drying , cooling, sterilizing, reacting or low temperature  calcining. This special wedge  type processor use agitator form to develop its higher efficient of heat transfer. The wedge-shaped agitator blades are self-cleaning.It  is one kind of continuous and energy-saving dryer. There are wedge-shaped hollow paddles in hollow axis,and heat medium  is  from-40°C to320°C, the heat medium is steam or hot air or heat conduction oil and so on.  Indirectly heating way does not take the energy, so the energy is used for heating material. The energy loss is only heat emission of heat-keeping layer. The transferring heat of wedge-shape side takes cleaning actions.It can clean waste material in wedge-shaped size.The body of wedge-shaped hollow paddle dryer is W shape.There are 2-4 hollow mixing axes in the body.In order to avoid discharging material dust and to collect material solvent, there is a sealed cover on  top of body. A baffle is on the outlet of discharging material, in order to keep the height of materials. The heat medium(such as steam or  thermal oil) will flow into chamber jacket and hollow mixing axis through rotary join.Hollow mixing axis has different inner structures according to different types of heat medium, which will ensure of best heat transfer efficient.


■ Petrochemical industry:polyolefin powder, panlite, high and low density polytene, linear low density polytene, linear low density polytene, polyacetal, nylon 6, nylon 66, nylon 12,acerate fiber, polyphonyl sulfide,propeny resin, engineering plastic,polyvincyl chloride, polyving akohol, polystyrene, polypropylene, polyester, polyformaldhyde, styrene acrylonitri le copolymer,polytene and proplylene copolymer.

■ Environment protection industry: sludge,electroplating sludge,boiler ash,sugarresidue,pharmaceut ical waste,ash.

■ Feed industry:soy residue, bone forage, distiller’s grains, foodremnant, apple residue, orange peel, bean dregs, chicken bones forage,  fish meat , feed additives, biological residue.

■ Food industry: starch, chocolate, niblet, salt, metatropy starch, drugs.

■ Chemical industry: soda ash, azophoska, kaol in, altamud, white carbon, carbon,ardeal ite, sodium fluoride oxide, nitrate of lime, agnesium carbonate, cymag,calmogastrin, barium sulfate, hydrofoil, dyestuff, molecular sieve, saponin.


■ Big heat transfer area,compart constraction and less installing area.

■ Low energy consumption: as the heat flow is indirect, there is no large volume of sweep gas flow through the unit, which will carry heat away from dryer.Take slurry as example, heat requirement maybe as low as 1.2kg of steam/kg for evaporating 1kg water in hollow paddle dryer.

■ Paddle can be cleaned by itselt during operating,which will improve heat transter efficient.

■ Wide variety of process problems can be solved by using any kinds of heating source. It  is specially suitable for drying heat sensitive materials and ligh temporature materials.The normal heat transfer medium can be steam, heat transfer oil, hot water, as well as cooling water etc…The dryer can be used for continuous or batch processing. It has been widely used in many industry areas already.

■ Stable operating continuously: Because of the special compression and inflation of agitation function of paddle dryer,  the material grains touch the heat-transfer area thoroughly. Within the axis direction, the temperature, moisture, mixture and grades of the materials is very small so as to guarantee the stability of whole process. 

■ Low labor and maintenance expense: Only need 1person per 1 day for 1 dryer which saves a  lot of labor cost for customer. With our intelligent design and good manufacturing, the equipment is indefectible thus maintenance cost greatly saved.

Skech of Structure

KJG Series Hollow Paddle Dryer


Model Drying Area (m²) Drying Capacity ( Motor Power (kw) Effective Volume (m³) Equipment Dimension L×W×H(mm) Shaft Rotary Speed(r.p.m.)
KJG-5 5 50~140 3 0.08 3700×600×980 10~30
KJG-10 10 100~280 4 0.4 3800×800×1200
KJG-18 18 180~504 7.5 1.09 4000×1200×1600
KJG-29 29 290~812 11 1.85 5600×1500×1800
KJG-36 36 360~1008 30 2.42 6000×1500×1800
KJG-41 41 410~1148 37 2.8 6000×1600×1800
KJG-50 50 500~1400 45 3.57 6200×1700×2300
KJG-87 87 870~2436 55 7.39 6700×2400×2600
KJG-128 128 1280~3584 90 12 7500×3300×2700
KJG-256 256 2560~7168 180 28.4 9100×3700×3300


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