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GZL Series Dry Roll-extruding Granulator

Our GZL Series Dry Roll-extruding Granulator adopts the technology of dry roll-extruding and grain pressure from the outside and force materia pass through two counterrotating rollers, when rolling the actual density of material increase 1.5-3 times, thus reach the require of strength. Professional Granulator Supplier welcome inquiry!
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■ The set adopt the technology of dry roll-extruding, the powdercontent moisture.


■ The set grain pressure from the outside and force materia pass through  two  counterrotating  rollers, when rolling the actual density of material  increase 1.5-3 times,  thus reach the require of strength.





■ All kinds of dry starch are suppl ied from the top of the equipment,  the materials enters  into  two parallel rollers, after degassing and sprial pressing. The material is forced into the two rollers and is compressed by the two counterrotating rollers, the surface tension and gravity of material make it deviate from the  slot naturely after passing  through  compression area,  the strip material which enters  into pulverizer  is  crashed by  rotary kinfe,  the rotating knife of  coordinated machine make material enter into vibrating sieve. After sieving, qualified products are sent  into material storehouse through conveyer, unqualified products are sent into material  storehouse and will be rolled secondly through conveyer,  the size of pushing strength can be adjusted by the hydraulic pressure cylinder according to the need.

■ Through changing the form of slot on the roller can get the slice, strip, flat, material.


Technological process

■ Material emters into bucket elevator through sprial conveyer from feeding hole,  then enters  into vibrational storehouse through bucket elevator. The material through quantitative filling machine  is sent to sprial feeder,  after precompression the material is compressed by  counterrotating  rollers,  the strength of  pressure  transfer to the material by  the  thrust  of oil  tank,  the  sheet material  sent  into pulverizer after deviating from the slot natureally, material is crashed to different size and then  is  coordinated,  the  coordinated material  is extruded  into vibrating sieve through the meshes of sieve, qualified products send  to  finished parts  storehouse by bucket elevator after sieving, unqualified products return to the material storehouse. Thus  finishing  the  closed  circulation after  being  compressed secondly.

GZL series dry roll-extruding granulator



■ Material is compressed by force, doesn’t add any humectant, the purity of the products gets the assurance.

■ Dry powder is granulated directly, need not dry process, more favorable to the connection and transformation of existing process.

■ The strength of the granule is high, the enhance of bulk specific is obvious than the other model of granuator , especially suit for the product that need increase the bulk specific gravity.It can contrl environmental polltion,  reduce  the powder wasting and  the cost of packet,  increase  the capacity of transport.

■ Structure is compact, maintain is convenient, operation is easy, technological process is shot, energy and trouble is low, efficiciency is high, the suit range is wide and pressure of the roller can be adjusted freely according to the need.

■ The device of feeding adopt  frequency  conversion and  infinitely variable adjustment, degree of automation is high, can realize multimachine is controlled by one person, labour intensity is low and can running continiously.

■ The part of main transmission adopts  the high quality alloy material, stainless steel material,  titanium products, chrome and other surface alloy,  it improved abrasion  rsistant,  corrosion proof, high  temperature  resistant  and pressure ability greatly, make the machine has long life.




Model Item Parameters
Parameters Model Item
GZL240 GZL360 GZL450
Diameter of the roll (mm) Ø240 Ø360 Ø450
The used width effectively of the roll (mm) 80-100 180-200 220-240
Speed of roller (rpm) 15,20,26,32 14,18,24,30 10-25
The largest pressure of shaping (Mpa) 120 160 210
Largest thickness of sheet (mm) 4 8 8
Output of sheet (kg/h) 500 1400 3000
Size of the finished product (mm) 0.5-6 0.5-6 0.5-6
Output of the finished product(kg) 200-400 800-1200 1800
Power of the main body (kw) 7.5 22-30 45
Total capacity of installation (kw) 20 50 80
Overall dimensions (mm) 1500x1300x2500 2000x2000x4600 2500x2500x5000
Weight(t) 6 8.5 13



Oil & chemical                  Biosynthesis

Metallic powder                Fine chemical

Medicine                          Foodstuff

Agrochemical                   Fertilizer

Mine                                 Coal mine

Type supplies

And industry retrieves the dust supplies         Powder of iron foundry

Lead , zinc            Aluminium dust       Granular capsule

Catalyst        White carbon black           Bleaching agent

Pigment        Strontium carbonate          Inorganic salts 

Pesticide       Scour                      Fertilizer

Chlorine different cyanogen urea              Oxide

Dust of the converter                        Filtrated dust

Grinding dust






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