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DW Series General Mesh-belt Dryer

Our DW Series General Mesh-belt Dryer is a common continuous dryer equipment, it is widely applied in chemical, foodstuff, pharmacy, construction material, and electronic industry. Professional belt dryers manufacturer welcome inquiry!
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■ The mesh-belt dryer is a common continuous dryer equipment, it is widely applied in chemical, foodstuff, pharmacy, construction material, and electronic industry, and particularly it is adapt to dry the raw materials which have good air permeability and shaped in sheet, strip or granule. For ointment stuff, the wisest way to dry it are: shaped those stuff first, then drying it.


■ Raw materials are spreaded on the conveying belt through suitable auxiliary mechanism such as distributor, vibrating belt, pulverizer of granulator, belt passes the channel which containing one or several heating units; heating unit is equipped with air heater and circle system. Each channel has one or several damp exhaust system. When raw material is transited, hot air passes through or over it. In this way it makes raw material dry uniformly.


■ In mesh belt dryer system, the following data can be special set and adjusted in order to achieve best drying effect: heating temperature,air flow,staying time.Agility specified : we can add mesh belt washing system and product cooling system in mesh belt dryer system.Agility operating: after conveying on mesh belt, wet material is dried in a total sealed chamber during whole drying process. Working condition is good because the system do not have powder leaking out side. When wet material loaded in conveying belt, relative position between each single material is quite stable. So for each single material, drying time is almost the same. This is specially suitable for drying those product that need good color and uniformed water content. Additionally, during drying process, product will not be heavily shocked and vibrated, so granule size of granule will not break down. So this kind of mesh belt dryer is specially suitable for those product that should keep good shape. Jianda mesh belt dryer can also bake,cook and cooling raw material beside other than drying function.Jianda mesh belt dryer designed intelligent air distribute construction in order to separate hot air to each single material uniformed. Total construction is not complicated by Jianda design. Through our human design principle, mesh belt dryer is easy for assembly , each for maintenance and transportation.

Skech of Structure

DW series MULTIPLE Layers Mesh -Belt Dryer2

Typical products

■ Dehydrated vegetable, granule feedstuff, monosodium glutamate, chicken abstract, desiccated coconut, organic pigment, synthetic rubber, medicines, small wood products, plastic products, aging and solidifying electronics elements, calcium carbonate, white carbon and black dyestuff.


Model DW-1.2-8 DW-1.2-10 DW-1.6-8 DW-1.6-10 DW-2-8 DW-2-10 DW-2-20
Unit number 4 5 4 5 4 5 10
Belt width (m) 1.2 1.2 1.6 1.6 2 2 2
Drying setion length(m) 8 10 8 10 8 10 20
Thickness of the material to be covered (mm) ≤60
Temperature (°C) 50~140
Steam pressure (Mpa) 0.2~0.8
Steam consumption (kg/h) 120~300 150~375 150~375 170~470 180~500 225~600 450~1200
Drying time (h) 0.2~1.2 0.25~1.5 0.2~1.2 0.25~1.5 0.2~1.2 0.25~1.5 0.5~3
Drying capacity (kg/h) 60~160 80~220 75~220 95~250 100~260 120~300 240~600
Total power of the equipment (kw) 11.4 13.6 11.4 13.6 14.7 15.8 36.8
Overall dimensions L(m) 9.56 11.56 9.56 11.56 9.56 11.56 21.56
W(m) 1.49 1.49 1.9 1.9 2.32 2.32 2.32
H(m) 2.3 2.3 2.4 2.4 2.5 2.5 2.5
Weight(kg) 4500 5600 5300 6400 6200 7500 14000


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