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CT, CT-C Series Hot Air Circulating Oven

Our CT, CT-C Series Hot Air Circulating Oven is a versatile drying equipment suitable for heating , soliding and drying material in pharmacy, chemical, foodstuff, light industry. Professional drying oven manufacturers welcome inquiry!
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Hot air circle oven is invented in China. Through our engineers’ elaborate design and developments, it has achieved first class standards. This equipment is a box-like shape which can be easily disassembled and fixed; it includes CT series (centrifugal blower) and CT-C series (axial flow blower). The heating source of this machine are steam and electricity, after being heated by heater, hot air is cycled in oven , fresh air is entered from air inlet into oven, the moisture is discharged from moisture exhaust hole, this can increase heating effectiveness and makes raw material water content is reduced gradually. This product equipped low noise, high temperature proof axial flow blower and automatic temperature control system. The whole circulating system is fully sealed, it makes the hot efficiency increased (from traditional oven’s 3%-7% to current 35%-45%), the highest heat efficiency can be reached 70%. The success of this oven’s invention makes Chinese hot air circulating oven meet the advanced level in world, it saves energy and raises the economic benefit.In 1990, Chinese medical management bureau issued the industry standards as RXH. 


■ The hot air circulating oven is a versatile drying equipment. it is suitable for heating , soliding and drying material in pharmacy, chemical, foodstuff, light industry, such as medicine raw material, Chinese traditional medicine, herbal material powder, granule, crude drug, packing bottle, pigment, dyestuff,dehydration vegetable, foodstuff, plastic resin, electric component, paper, leather, wool, salt and catalyzer etc. 


■ Hot air is circulated in the oven, heating efficiency is high and the energy is saved. 

■ It uses the forced ventilating function, there are adjustable air distribution plates inside the oven; thus, raw materials can be uniformly dried. 

■ The heating source can be selected from steam, hot water, electricity and far infrared. 

■ Low noise, running balanced; the temperature can be controlled automatically. 


Installation and maintenance are very easy. 

■ Wide application, it can be applied for drying various materials. 

Main Technical parameters Of Hot Air Circel Oven And relevant Explanation 

■ The heating source can be freely selected from steam, hot water, electricity and far infrared.  

■ Machine running temperature range: 50-140°C for steam (the highest temperature is 150°C), 50-350°C for electricity and infrared.

■ Automatic control system and computer control system are available for selection. 

Normal steam pressure is 0.2 -0.8 Mpa( 2-8kg/cm2).

■ Take model CT-C-I hot air circulating oven, for example apply the electric heater, set electric wastage is 15kw, real wastage is 5-8 kw/h, the energy is significantly saved. 

■ Special requirements should be indicated before products booking. The price for the non-standard should be consulted. Running temperatures more than 140°C and less than 60°C should be indicated while order. 

■ Ovens and tray’ size are uniform, it can be exchanged each other. The baking plate dimensions is 460x 640x45mm.

 Sketch of Model CT-i oven

CT,CT-C series Hot AIR Circulating Oven

 Sketch of Model CT-ii oven

CT,CT-C series Hot AIR Circulating Oven

 Sketch of Model CT-iii oven

CT,CT-C series Hot AIR Circulating Oven

 Sketch of Model CT-iv oven

CT,CT-C series Hot AIR Circulating Oven

Sketch of ModelCT-C-O oven

CT,CT-C series Hot AIR Circulating Oven

Sketch of ModelCT-C-I oven

CT,CT-C series Hot AIR Circulating Oven

Sketch of ModelCT-C-II oven

CT,CT-C series Hot AIR Circulating Oven

Sketch of ModelCT-C-III oven

CT,CT-C series Hot AIR Circulating Oven

Sketch of ModelCT-C-IV oven

CT,CT-C series Hot AIR Circulating Oven


Model for the Technical Drying Motor Electric Steam Heat Air Flow Temperature Tray Overall dimension Trolley
industry parameter capacity Power(kw) Heater consumption radiation 3 Difference() (lxWxH)mm Quantity (set)
standard Model and for each   Power(kw) (kg/h) area (m /h)      
  specification time(kg)       2        
            (m )        
RXH-14-B CT-I 120 1.1 15kw 20 20 1400 ±2 48 2360×1200×2375 2
RXH-27-B CT-II 240 1.1 30kw 40 40 5200 ±2 96 2360×2200×2370 4
RXH-41-B CT-III 360 2.2 45kw 60 80 9800 ±2 144 3300×2200×2560 6
RXH-54-B CT-IV 480 2.2 60kw 80 100 9800 ±2 192 4250×2200×2560 8
RXH-7-C CT-C-IA 60 0.45 9kw 10 10 3450 ±2 24 1400×1200×2000 1
RXH-14-C CT-C-I 120 0.45 15kw 18 20 3450 ±2 48 2300×1200×2000 2
RXH-27-C CT-C-II 240 0.9 30kw 36 40 6900 ±2 96 2300×2200×2000 4
RXH-41-C CT-C-III 360 1.35 45kw 54 80 10350 ±2 144 2300×3220×2000 6
RXH-54-C CT-C-IV 480 1.8 60kw 72 100 13800 ±2 192 4460×2200×2290 8
RXH-5-C CT-C-O 30 0.45 9kw 5 5 3450 ±2 8 1460×1100×1750 1

Non-Standard Hot Air Oven 

■ Oven Chamber dimension: we can design any size according to special requirements from customer. 

■ Working temperature: we can design special temperature range and accuracy according to requirements from customer. 

■ Construction design: can be integrate constructed and assembled construction. 

■ Heating method: can be electric heating, diesel heating, natural gas heating, steam heating or combined heating. 

■ Hot air circle method: hot air circle method depends on product loading direction. 

■ Such as bottom blowing single circulation, top blowing circulation, back and front blowing etc… Door can be opened in front , or both in front and back, can be opened on top or lifting door. 

■ Working piece conveying method: trolley type, roller type, chain type, mesh belt type, handspike type etc… 

■ Trolley conveying method: manually, gear driving, pulling trolley driven, windlass driving, roller driven etc.. 

■ Temperature control method: can be digital temperature regulator, time proportion regulator, aptitude programmed temperature regulator etc…


Typical Customers 

■ Shanghai Zhongtong Automotive Fitting Co., Ltd . 

■ Xian-Janssen Pharmacy Ltd . 

■ Taicang Guanshengyuan Food Co., Ltd . 

■ England Daisheng Ceramic (Tianjin) Co., Ltd . 

■ ALCERA Inorganic Material (Suzhou) Co., Ltd . 

■ Gansu Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd . 

■ Chart Cryogenic Engnieering System(Changzhou)Co., Ltd 


CT-C series hot air circulating oven

■ The radiators can be used for various drying equipment. There are many specifications and kinds. The materials to be used are aluminium alloy stainless steel, A3 steel surface zinc covering, steel and aluminium compound, copper, steel pipe and aluminium winding sheet. In addition, the radiators can be used for the heating and dehumidification indoors and in the warehouses. Our factory can carry out the design and manufacturing for our users.

Shaping Baking Cart                                                              Shaped Pressed Baking Plates

Material:stainless steel,A3 steel                                          Material:stainless steel,rustproof aluminium alloy

CT-C series hot air circulating oven


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