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Air Heat Exchange

The Air Heat Exchange is mainly used for heating air in the system of drying and is main drying equipment in hot air device.The conducted heat medium adopted of radiator may be steam. hot water or heat conducting oil,In general,the working pressure of steam i more than 0.8MPa and the temperature of air will be below 150℃.
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■ Model SRZ and SRL scs notrew wing  radiator manufactured by our company is mainly  used for heating air  in  the system of drying and  is main drying equipment  in hot air device. The conducted heat medium adopted of  radiator may be steam, hot water or heat conducting oil. In general, the working pressure of steam i more than 0.8MPa and the temperature of air will be below 150℃.

■ The wing  radiator consists of  three  rows of   paratactie screw wing pipe mainly. The paratactic screw wing pipe  is made  through winging 0.5x10mm of steel belt onto 18mm steel pipe and then zine hot galvaniaed. It can also be made with full stainless steel pipe and belt. Model SRL  radiator is made of steel pipe and aluminum belt  through  rolling. Its  radiator area of  the same  length  is more  than Model SRZ.

■ Being adopted mechanical wound piece, the contacting area between  radiating wing piece and  radiating pipe  is  large and  its property of heat conducting is good and stable. The resist for air passing  is small. The effect of heating or cooling air can be  realized  through heat condition between wing on steel pipe and air in the gaps of wings.



Item Stainless steel Carbonaceous steel Al
Pipe diameter specification (mm) Ø18X2 Ø19X2 -
Diameter of fin (mm) Ø38 Ø39 -
Thickness of fin (mm) 0.24 - 0.4
Factor of heat exchanging area(m2/m) 0.64

Schamtic of Thermal Oil Radiator
Air Heat Exchange


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